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Commercial Shake & Frozen Beverage Equipment

From frozen cocktails to smoothies, milk shakes and more at York Simcoe Refrigeration Ltd., we have the right selection of quality Electro Freeze® frozen beverage equipment with the right options to suit the needs of your business. We look forward to helping you create the right solution that works for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


Increase your customer traffic with a top-of-the-line shake machine from Electro Freeze®—no one can resist a classic shake. Like the Electro Freeze ice cream machinery, the sleek design and high-capacity designs of the shake equipment offer optimal profitability because they create the perfect drink every time.

Slush & Smoothies

Electro Freeze set the industry standard for delicious frozen beverages by inventing the first slush freezer back in 1960. If you’re looking for a slush and smoothie machine, why not go with the one that started it all? To add to its leading line of ice cream machinery, Electro Freeze slush and smoothie freezers are known for delivering profit margins as high as 80%. There are six different designs to choose from. Designs include both floor and countertop models. They provide a range of user-friendly features such as auto-fill systems and night-switch.

Frozen Cocktail

With our reliable line of Electro Freeze frozen beverage equipment, you can fulfill your customers' demand for frozen cocktails. Whether you select a countertop or floor-based model, we have a cocktail machine to meet your volume needs. These cocktail machines produce a thick, smooth, well-blended mixture every time—you can either use the equipment for a neutral base or for delicious ready-to-serve cocktails. Upgrade your current frozen cocktail equipment with an Electro Freeze machine that can be enhanced with value-added options, like a flavor injector, blenders, and remote feed. It’s the perfect complement to your Electro Freeze soft serve equipment, hard pack ice cream machinery and commercial frozen yogurt machines.


For added convenience and greater variety for your customers, Electro Freeze offers combination models that double as shake and soft serve equipment. The pressurized machines always deliver the perfect consistency that’s as good as handmade. The soft serve equipment dispenses single flavors with precision, making it ideal for cones and sundaes. The newer model features a shake dispenser with a head-mounted mixer that works to blend flavors and crumb toppings as the frozen drink is dispensed. Because the Electro Freeze combination shake/soft serve equipment offers double the options for your customers, that means more profit for you.

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